Economic benefits

In comparison with the processes currently applied in the treatment of textile effluents, the ECUVal system shows significant economic benefits:

  • Less cost in water. Savings of 70-100% dyeing water.
  • Less cost in salt. Savings up to 100 % salt are achieved with the reuse.
  • Less cost in chemicals as they are not required to carry out the electrochemical process.
  • The only cost of the ECUVal treatment is the electric power supply.
  • No wastes are generated so additional treatment are no required.
  • As the high coloured effluents are segregated to the ECUVal system, the tertiary treatment for colour removal can be supressed in the wastewater treatment plant. This results in a significant reduction of reagents and sludge disposal costs.
  • Discharge taxes are reduced due to the reduction of wastewater salinity.
  • The system does not need maintenance. The electrodes are very stable and can be used over 5-10 years.

On the basis of these results, the ECUVal system can be depreciated in 6 years when is applied in decolouration mode and in 7 years when is used in reuse mode.

Market segmentation of ECUVal with respect to other technologies.