ECUVal Technology

ECUVal system combines an electrochemical process with ultraviolet irradiation to remove organic pollutants from wastewaters. ECUVal is especially suitable for the treatment of saline effluents containing poorly biodegradable compounds.

The treatment starts with the electro-chemical generation of oxidants in situ from the salts contained in the effluent. These oxidants are very active and break down the organic pollutant molecules into smaller ones. The level of the molecule fragmentation depends on the extent of the treatment.

The subsequent irradiation with a UV light source increases the efficiency of the treatment and also removes all residual oxidants.

The ECUVal is fitted with a system for reconstituting the effluent for its reuse, once it has been treated. This reconstitution consists in removing the compounds that can interfere in the production process in case of reuse. The reuse of the treated effluent implies a reduction in the consumption of water and other chemicals, such as salts, which implies a lower process cost. Also, the reduction of effluent pollution and wastewater discharge rates results in lower taxes.