ICOMATEX is a family company founded in 1975 and located in Terrassa (Spain). It began as a manufacturer of dyeing and drying machinery. Soon created a new division dedicated to the design and manufacturing of stenter frames and coating units. Since then, ICOMATEX has continued to expand its programme of machinery, and today produces a wide range of machines of continuous washing/bleaching, dryers,... for  different industrial sectors.

ICOMATEX has representatives all over the world and also has a regional office in Southeast Asia.

I ICOMATEX main products are: Drying and pre-drying systems, fabric inspection and rolling machines, jigger machinery, other dyeing and finishing machinery, overflow and Jet machinery, Printing systems and Stenter frames.

ICOMATEX main applications include: Apparel textiles, home textiles, automotive industry, medical textiles, geotextiles, nonwoven, flooring, air bags, synthetic leather, banners, blackouts, back coating for synthetic grass, glass fibre, upholstery, raincoat textile, tent fabric, tarpaulins and many other applications.