The ECUVal is a green business based on an innovative wastewater system.

The main objective of the ECUVal project is to introduce into the market an innovative eco-friendly technology for the treatment of industrial wastewater that provides an effluent able to be reused.

Unlike other existing technologies, this new green proposal aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Reduction of water consumption thanks to the reuse of industrial wastewater: recycling 70-100% process water
  • Reduction of wastewater salinity due to the treatment and reuse of saline effluents: recycling up to 100 % salt in the industrial processes.
  • Removal of poorly biodegradable compounds, resistant to conventional treatments: in the case of dyes, up to 100 % colour removal.
  • Wastewater purification without the addition of chemical reagents.
  • Green technology that does not produce wastes.
  • Flexible system, operating at smooth conditions.
  • High durability, minimal maintenance.
  • Sustainable industrial processes: reduction of carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Currently, the ECUVal industrial prototype is operating in a textile mill where it has been optimized to treat and reuse exhausted reactive dyebaths.