New green business

Based on an innovative wastewater system which combines electrochemical techniques with UV irradiation for the treatment of dyeing textile wastewaters and the reuse of the treated effluents

Quantified environmental impacts

  • Saving 70-100% dyeing water.
  • Saving 60-15% dyeing electrolyte.
  • Lower effluent salinity which also reduces the cost of the effluents discharge.

The viability of market replication

The possibility of selling the ECUVal system as an independent module which can be used in other industrial sectors.

Economical advantage

The ECUVal cell has some advantages with respect to other technologies such as water and salts reuse which implies reduction costs in:

  • water
  • salts and
  • discharge taxes.

Carbon footprint

The ECUVal system is greener because it allows to reduce the carbon footprint by reusing the treated effluent.